Animal Reflections Photography

Fine Portraits of Pets and the Families That Love Them.

Welcome to Animal Reflections Photography! We are a professional, full service pet and family photography studio located near Historic Wickford Village in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. We specialize in creating unique and beautiful portraits of families, and the pets they share their lives with. It is our goal to capture that special bond between animals and their owners.  Portrait sessions can take place in our relaxed, boutique style studio or at a location of your choice. Please call today so that we can discuss which type of sessions works best for you.

Behind the scenes at a typical photo shoot!

I had a great time with this photo shoot with three dogs and their parents. Believe it or not but Rocky (The Largest) was spooked by the strobe lights. It can be an occupational hazard with animals, but the funny thing was that Lola the larger of the two brindles had sympathy spooks for her big brother!  Too funny, so that led to Tipsy pretty much having her own photo shoot and got to be a diva for the day!  She was great and we still managed to get some great shots. I find #4375 to be (A family Discussion) and # 4379 (Lola taking a peek!).  All in all it was fun and I'm sure exhausting for the whole family (even Lola laid down for a nap at the end).  I find these shoots very challenging, fun and a great way to spend a part of my day. Great thanks to the Hall Family for traveling so far (Cape Cod) to come to my studio and allow me to capture some great moments.  Enjoy the photos!


Check out the new Everything Bag!

OMG!  When I received this bag I couldn't believe how amazing it was. I mean you could use this for a shopping bag, a day at the beach or even an overnight bag. The possibilities are limitless!  It is very sturdy and the protective covering makes it so you don't have to worry about damaging the beautiful canvas photo underneath.  This bag can also be customized even more with the ability to have up to a 12 different photo collage on it of all your favorite images on it. Of course this will add to the price. it is so unique I get compliments on it everywhere I go. It truly is one of a kind. Check out the handbag section of the website to find out all of the specifics.

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