Animal Reflections Photography

Fine Portraits of Pets and the Families That Love Them.

Welcome to Animal Reflections Photography! We are a professional, full service pet and family photography studio located near Historic Wickford Village in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. We specialize in creating unique and beautiful portraits of families, and the pets they share their lives with. It is our goal to capture that special bond between animals and their owners.  Portrait sessions can take place in our relaxed, boutique style studio or at a location of your choice. Please call today so that we can discuss which type of sessions works best for you.

Custom Boutique Items

 Tumbled Stone Tiles and Coasters

                                    6" Tumbled Stone Tile with Easel   $110.00

                                    6" Tumble Stone Tile without Easel  $95.00


                              4" Tumbled Stone Coasters (set of 4) with holder    $140.00

Sterling Silver Photo Jewelry

Our custom photo jewelry is made from handcrafted sterling silver (925). The photos are permanently sealed with a special UV resistant, 100% waterproof coating. Custom photo jewelry takes 3 weeks to create.


All jewelry is Sterling Silver and the images are coated so that they are protected from water and fading.  Truly a wonderful way to honor your pet or loved ones. Charms can be purchased separately and added to a bracelet you may have previously purchased.


Sterling SilverBracelet  $120.00

Sterling Silver oval necklace  $125

Small Sterling Silver square necklace with chain   $80.00 

Sterling Silver key ring   $70.00

Sterling Silver rectangular charm (can be horizontal or vertical)  $65.00

Sterling Silver oval charm   $65.00

Ceramic Coffee Mug     $25

Six sided image cubes

These cubes come in two sizes 4x4 and 8x8 and you have the option of having a different photo on each of the six sides, or maybe you want to have a special message or sentiment on one of the sides to commemorate a special occasion. the choice is up to you and your imagination. They look great on a mantle, desk, a shelf or possibly a bookcase.


4x4 Image Cube     $90.00

8x8 Image Cube     $180.00

Prices may change at any time

Animal Reflections Photography

Allyson Barth Photographer

610 Ten Rod Road

North Kingstown, RI 02852

401-218-8454 or 401-294-1201